About Us

After COVID-19, it was hard to stay positive.

Many people felt disconnected and lonely. Victoria was entering its worst housing crisis. The cost of living was up, and barriers to employment just kept growing.

Our friends and neighbours in social housing had it particularly tough. With diverse experiences of disability, family violence, acute psychiatric conditions, incarceration, and chronic homelessness, it was hard to get back on your feet.

Staff and residents at Servants Community Housing in Melbourne took matters into their own hands. With backing from our friends at Bank of Melbourne Foundation, we established a new program to reduce isolation, support mental wellbeing, and build new skills, creating pathways and tackling barriers to employment.

For The Love of Good is the evolution of this program. 

Servants is social housing with a twist. With a unique but highly successful housing model, Servants supports people on low incomes with safe, stable housing and a genuine sense of community. Live-in house managers, shared meals, and a relentless focus on connecting with community mean residents experience respect, dignity, hope, and opportunity.

This brand is no different. For The Love of Good is the embodiment of our belief that everyone deserves another chance, and that it is genuinely possible for people to find joy and community, even when life is at its lowest.

We’re launching with two products: 100% pure, Boroondara-made honey from our very own on-site hives, and 100% organic slightly sparkling apple juice.

For The Love of Good: Slightly sparkling apple juice and 100% pure, Boroondara-made honey.

They’re both delicious, but what truly makes them special is the journey to production. Residents have bee engaged along every step of the journey: from building and painting beehives and frames, planting bee-friendly gardens, tending the bees, harvesting honey, designing the artwork for packaging, hand-picking the apples, co-creating sales strategies, and brainstorming ideas for a launch event.

It's all collaborative, all fun, all local, and all for the love of good.